Nitrogen Generators for Laser Cutting Applications

If you have a laser or are ready to buy a laser, you have heard the terms “clean cut”, or “oxide-free edge” at some point. What this means is you need to cut with nitrogen or buy some sort of oxide removal machine, such as a Lissmac, to remove the oxide from mild steel parts. So you call your local gas supplier, calculate the required gas consumption and all you see are dollar signs. Your local gas supplier also shows you a very lengthy contract that may lock you into their services for 7 years or more, with an evergreen clause that states that when the contract ends, it automatically renews. So what choice do you have? Why not generate your own nitrogen? Or oxygen?

On Site PSA Nitrogen Generators are ideal candidates for:

  • New and exisiting laser users
  • Fiber delivered lasers
  • Those who cut a lot of Stainless Steel or Aluminum
  • Those who are looking for oxide free edges
  • Customers who are located in hard to reach areas that cannot depend on gas deliveries
  • Customer who are using small, bulk gas tank storage
  • Customers who need Nitrogen for beam purge only

Nitrogen Generators have come a long way in recent years. The new PSA systems allow for quick Nitrogen Generation, low cost, low maintenance, and reliable service over the life of the system. The sizing of the system is very critical, you don’t want it too big or too small. Generators can be sized to produce nitrogen for beam purge only, or to do your complete nitrogen generation for beam purge and assist gas cutting. On Site Nitrogen Generators can produce purities from 95-99.9995%, flow lab to 35,000 SCFH.

Even if you don’t have a laser, nitrogen generators are used for any application that requires Nitrogen:

  • Oxy fuel systems
  • Laser Welding
  • Shield gas applications
  • Food packaging

On our website we have a simple download questionnaire for you to fill out and from there we can design a system to match your needs. We can also offer customers Oxygen Generators for most applications. All of us at Icon Machine Tool understand lasers; we are the TRUMPF laser distributor. No matter what brand of laser you own, we can help you save money on your nitrogen cutting applications. Call us today for more information.

PSA Nitrogen Generator by On Site

PSA Nitrogen Generator by On Site

  • Hello
    Im interested for the generator of notrogen even for the generator of oxigen i have in our factory a TQL-MFC-4020 fiber cutting laser and i need specifications for the generators and an advice.
    We are willing to purchase a generator if it covers our laser